Personal Injury Information: Potential Consequences of a Slip and Fall Accident

When most people think of personal injury accidents, they immediately think of a car accident, or some other serious situation. As a result, many don’t take slip and fall accidents or injuries very serious. However, these are quite common and can have devastating consequences. In fact, slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of visits to the emergency room in the state of Florida.Personal Injury

This doesn’t mean that all slip and falls are going to lead to severe injuries. The harm a person suffers depends on the distance and force of the fall, what the victim falls on and how the victim lands. Here you can learn more about some of the most common and serious injuries that can occur after a slip and fall accident.

Keep in mind, if you are involved in a slip and fall accident that occurred because of another person’s or entities negligence, you should hire a personal injury attorney for help. They may be able to help you recover compensation for your injuries.

Personal Injury Results from Slip and Fall Accidents: Back Injuries

A back injury is perhaps the most common consequence of a slip and fall accident. This type of injury can leave a victim unable to work, or live a normal life for a long period of time, in some cases permanently. A compression fracture in the spinal vertebra could occur, especially in those over the age of 50 who suffer from conditions that weaken the bones, such as osteoporosis. These accidents can also lead to herniated or slipped discs, which are debilitating and painful if they go on untreated.

Personal Injury Results from Slip and Fall Accidents: Spinal Cord Injuries

An injury to your spinal cord, which is the bundle of nerves that runs down the middle of the back, can disrupt communication between the brain and the body. In the worst cases, this type of injury can leave a victim completely or partially paralyzed below the area where the injury occurred.

A spinal cord injury that is caused by a slip and fall is usually the result of fractured vertebra that cause damage to the tissue of the spinal cord or that compress the nerves, resulting in neural signals not being transmitted.

An injury to the spinal cord is extremely serious, and unfortunately, a common occurrence after a slip and fall accident.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney after a Slip and Fall Accident

If a person slips and falls due to someone else’s negligence or fault, they need to contact a personal injury attorney for help. The attorney will be able to review the facts of the case to determine if the individual is able to recover compensation for the injuries they suffered.

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