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Car accidents are violent. From flying glass to debris to other objects, some of the most common injuries are cuts and lacerations. While some people assume that a cut is not a big deal, there are serious risks with the cuts and lacerations car accident victims face.

Every Injury is Serious

Car Accident Attorneys JacksonvilleThere is no such thing as a minor injury in a car accident. When someone else causes an accident due to negligence, you should not have to pay for the injury, recovery or anything associated with that accident.

In a car accident, numerous objects can cause cuts and lacerations. While some of these may heal on their own without medical intervention, others may require more in-depth procedures – or worse, surgery.

Deep cuts and lacerations could also lead to blood loss, shock, infection or death. Even minor cuts run the risk of infection, especially considering the objects that your wounds come into contact with during an accident.

Also, even cuts that do not heal properly or get proper attention could lead to serious scarring. Lacerations and cuts on the face could permanently alter a person’s appearance and even affect their lifestyle.

Some cuts and lacerations can be so deep that they cause permanent nerve damage or even require skin grafts and plastic surgery to correct.

Certain areas of the body are prone to scarring, which means you need access to the best plastic surgeons in order to limit the severity of a scar.

Compensation You May be Entitled To

Depending on the number and severity of cuts and lacerations you have, you may be entitled to compensation for things like:

  • Medical Costs – From treating the wounds to stitches to antibiotics for any infections, you could be entitled to compensation for your past, current, and future medical costs associated with your cuts and lacerations.
  • Loss of Wages – You most likely will take off work while you recover from your accident, but if you have to take off extended periods of work for treatments or even surgeries, you deserve compensation for those lost wages.
  • Loss of Earning Capacity – Sometimes a person may lose his or her ability to work or even have to change jobs because of the cuts and lacerations.
  • Pain and Suffering – Depending on the severity of your cuts and lacerations, as well as where they are located, you may be able to get pain and suffering compensation. For example, severe cuts to the face that leave a person disfigured would result in a higher compensation amount than cuts elsewhere on the body.

Why You Need an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Insurance claims adjusters are trained to look at all injuries as “minor” injuries. This is especially true with cuts and lacerations. They will not take your claim seriously and will even try to say that you are not eligible for compensation because of your cuts and lacerations. With an attorney, you can ensure that:

  • You get maximum compensation for your injuries.
  • You get compensation for future costs that insurance adjusters will not calculate.
  • You get expert representation from someone who is experienced in Tort law and understands how to file a successful personal injury case.
  • A free consultation.
  • Our Car Accident Attorneys in Jacksonville that will not charge you unless they win your case.

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