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No one expects to be arrested for a crime, but when it happens, you need experienced criminal defense Attorneys in Jacksonville by your side that will protect and fight for your rights.

The Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyers at Hardesty, Tyde, Green & Ashton, P.A. have an experienced legal defense team that can aggressively defend most felony and misdemeanor criminal cases.

Being charged with a crime can turn your life upside down. Trying to navigate the legal justice system on your own is overwhelming. You need to turn to our experienced criminal attorney Jacksonville FL residents trust to represent them.

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Protecting Your Rights

Whether you are charged with a DUI or White Collar crime, you have rights and the ability to protect them. Call our top rated Jacksonville criminal attorney today at 904-398-2212 for legal representation and a no obligations case review.

Remember these guidelines when facing criminal charges:

• Do not consent to a search of your home, car, boat or office unless a warrant is present.
• Do not give any voluntary statements to law enforcement officers or employers.
• Do not discuss any prospective case over your cell phone.

And probably most important…

• You have the right to remain silent. Use it.
• You have the right to an attorney. Call us at 904-398-2212.

Looking for criminal lawyers Jacksonville FL locals turn to for legal help? When you are facing incarceration and hefty financial consequences, you will want a trusted legal representative to fight for you.

Criminal Defense Attorney Jacksonville Florida FAQs :

Yes, HTG&A, P.A., handles criminal defense in every forum.

Yes, in one forum or another. The firm’s named partners were former prosecutors for the State of Florida. Two of the lawyers at HTG&A, P.A., were former JAG officers (Army and Navy), and have had extensive criminal experience in defending military members.

Yes. If you are charged with a state criminal offense, you will be prosecuted by the State of Florida. If you are charged with a Federal offense, you will be prosecuted by the United States Government. In rare cases you may be charged with violating both Federal and State laws, and be prosecuted by both State and Federal authorities.

Yes. These are extremely tricky issues that require lawyers who are familiar with both the state and military criminal law systems. Even if adjudication is withheld, or a plea nolo contendere entered, the military can still administratively process you for a “civilian conviction,” even if you believe you did not have a conviction.

In every instance where you are approached by a law enforcement agent asking you to speak to them voluntarily, regardless of whether they read you your rights, you would be wise to seek legal counsel, FIRST.

HTG&A, P.A. is prepared to handle any criminal matter, from simple traffic infractions to complex homicide cases, and everything in between.

Unlike medical malpractice or personal injury cases, contingency arrangements of any kind in a criminal case are strictly disallowed by the Florida Bar. You are responsible for paying your legal fees and costs in acriminal defense matter.

There is no way to predict what your fees and costs will be without first meeting with you to discuss the facts of your case. As a practical matter, your fees will be directly proportional to how much time your criminal defense attorney spends on your case, multiplied by the hourly rate you and he agree to. If you and an HTG&A, P.A. attorney agree that you will retain him, as with any other case, you will be required to sign a contract which clearly spells out what you will be charged.

Yes, HTG&A, P.A. does accept credit cards tendered for payment of a client retainer and fees.

Seasoned Former State Prosecutors

A criminal conviction can impact every aspect of your life, including your relationships, finances, employment and personal freedom. If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need an experienced Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney on your side to ensure your rights and reputation are protected.

Marc Hardesty, Mike Tyde, Karl Green and Frank Ashton are all well-seasoned former State prosecutors who practiced in Duval, Nassau, and Clay counties. They now fight for you. Let our years of experience in the criminal courtroom work for you.

We practice criminal defense in State, Federal, and Military courts. We have the breadth of experience to handle every kind of criminal action, from an assault and battery case to a murder case. We’ve represented criminal defendants in a variety of cases, including:

• Assault and Battery
• Bail bond reduction
• Burglary and robbery
• Child abuse
• Domestic violence
• Driving Under the Influence (DUI/DWI)
• Driving with a Suspended License
• Drug charges
• Firearm / Gun charges
• Homicide / murder
Injunctions and Restraining Orders
• Juvenile offenses
• Sealings of criminal records
• Sexual offenses
• Theft Charges
• Traffic tickets
• Probation violations
• White Collar crimes
• Worthless checks

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