Criminal Law Questions and Answers

Criminal Law FAQs

Here are some criminal law FAQs that our team of criminal law attorneys often receive from clients:

Do all your attorneys have experience with criminal law?

Yes, in one forum or another. The firm’s named partners were former prosecutors for the State of Florida. Two of the lawyers at HTG&A, P.A., were former JAG officers (Army and Navy), and have had extensive criminal experience in defending military members.

Does Hardesty, Tyde, Green & Ashton, P.A. handle criminal defense cases?

Yes, HTG&A, P.A., handles criminal defense in every State and Federal Court in Florida and often out of State.

How do I pay for your criminal law legal services?

Unlike medical malpractice or personal injury cases, contingency arrangements of any kind in a criminal case are strictly disallowed by the Florida Bar. You are responsible for paying your legal fees and costs in a criminal defense matter.

How much will it cost?

There is no way to predict what your fees and costs will be without first meeting with you to discuss the facts of your case. As a practical matter, your fees will be directly proportional to how much time your criminal defense attorney spends on your case, multiplied by the hourly rate you and he agree to. If you and an HTG&A, P.A. attorney agree that you will retain him, as with any other case, you will be required to sign a contract which clearly spells out what you will be charged.

Is there a difference between being charged with a state and a federal crime?

Yes. If you are charged with a state criminal offense, you will be prosecuted by the State of Florida. If you are charged with a Federal offense, you will be prosecuted by the United States Government. In rare cases you may be charged with violating both Federal and State laws, and be prosecuted by both State and Federal authorities. It should be noted that military violations are Federal in nature but are governed by the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). The Courts Martial is handled by a Military Judge.

Which types of criminal law cases does HTG & A handle?

HTG&A, P.A. is prepared to handle any criminal matter, from simple traffic infractions to complex homicide cases, and everything in between.


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