Don’t Do These Three Things after a Car Accident in Jacksonville

Car Accident in Jacksonville
Car Accident in Jacksonville

If you are involved in a car accident in Jacksonville and discover that your vehicle has sustained damage or you have suffered injuries, there are several important steps you should take in order to avoid keeping the situation from escalating and getting any worse.

Car Accident In Jacksonville

Here are three of the biggest mistakes you can make immediately after a car accident in Jacksonville.

1. Not Seek Proper Medical Attention

Even if you believe that you have not been seriously injured in the accident itself, you need to be checked out by a doctor to be sure. The reason for this is that some serious internal injuries, especially those relating to the head or neck, may not be visible right away. You need to have a doctor conduct tests and examine you fully in order to determine whether you have any hidden symptoms. This could be essential to starting your treatment sooner rather than later.

2. Not Get Proper Details from the Other Party in the Accident

You need details about the other party’s insurance and their contact information so that you can provide it not only to your own insurance company, but also in a potential police report or a personal injury claim if your injuries go beyond the personal injury protection in Florida. Having these details immediately after the accident can be difficult to remember as you may be feeling shocked or confused. That being said, it is essential to gather this information and write it down so that you have it in the event that you need it.

3. Argue With the Other Party about Who Was At Fault

Although emotions can definitely run high in the immediate minutes after a car accident, this is not the proper time to discuss fault for the accident. Personal injury protection laws in Florida will cover up to a certain level of medical bills and expenses associated with the accident, but you may have damage above and beyond this which requires filing a personal injury claim. While it might be tempting to get into an argument with the other driver about this at this time, this is not the appropriate venue for doing so.

Take Control of the Situation by Calling a Personal Injury Attorney

Instead you need to consult with your personal injury attorney and keep the situation from getting any worse at the scene of the accident. Simply collect the information you need, seek medical care, and go on your way in order to avoid other problems at the accident scene.

Once you have taken the initial and necessary steps, seek the advice and counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney on the matter. They will be able to help through the next steps of the process, as well as help you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the legalities of your potential car accident claim.

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