Everything You Need to Know about Car Accidents in Jacksonville

Because car crashes have today become common incidents, practicing defensive driving is more vital than ever. Even though driving in America is viewed as a personal freedom, you must not forget that it also holds great personal responsibility.

Before we take a look at the common car types of car accidents in Jacksonville, below common reasons why car accidents happen.

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For you to avoid becoming another statistic, it is highly advisable that you practice alert, cautious driving techniques.

The most common causes of car crashes are as a result of bad decision making and poor driving practices.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

1. Driving under the Influence: Driving when intoxicated is among the most dangerous decisions any one can make whilst operating a vehicle.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that more than 1,000 fatal accidents in Florida were as a result of drunk drivers in 2014. There are always a number of alternative options to drinking and driving. Use them.

2. Speeding: Speed limits were set in place for a reason. Based on data released in 2014, 30 percent of all the traffic related deaths involved over speeding.

As a driver, practice safe driving and always remain within the posted speed limits.

3. Distracted Driving: There is no doubt that driving is a huge responsibility. Distracted driving includes operating an automobile while performing another task such as talking on the phone, texting, eating food, putting on make-up, or reading.

4. Fatigued Driving: Driving while fatigued not only exposes the driver to great risk, but also other vehicles on the road. Drifting off the road or into the wrong lane becomes a big issue.

Always practice safe driving by remaining alert, taking a rest, or finding another driver.

Common Types of Car Accidents

Often times, the type of collision indicates fault. For example, tailgating drivers are found to be the cause of most rear-end collisions.

The following are some of the types of collisions we can investigate:

1. Rear-end Accidents These accidents usually happen because the driver in the back is speeding, distracted or tailgating. In most cases, rear-end collisions cause whiplash, which can be a potentially severe neck and back injury.

2. Head-on Collisions – These accidents normally involve one vehicle crossing the centerline of a freeway into the pathway of another oncoming vehicle.

They can also be as a result of drunk or drugged driving, distracted driving, drowsy driving, or even a vehicle defect such as a tire blowout or loss of steering.

3. Intersection Accidents – Most of these accidents normally occur when one car attempts to turn left.

The cause is usually a driver who has misjudged the speed of an oncoming vehicle, or has run a traffic light or a stop sign.

4. T-bone accidents These are also referred to as “Side-Impact collisions.”

Because there is very little space along the sides of a passenger truck to completely absorb the impact of an accident and shield the occupants of the vehicle, these accidents can be fatal.

5. Sideswipe Collisions – These accidents frequently happen simply because a driver attempts to drift across lanes.

Under-steering or over-steering in a curve or even making an inappropriate turn can also result in a sideswipe accident.

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Practicing safe driving and also encouraging other drivers to do the same is the best way of improving safety on the road. But no matter how careful you try to be, accidents can still happen.

If you were involved in any kind of accident, be sure to contact a highly skilled and experienced car accident attorney immediately for legal advice.

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