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While Florida law requires persons involved in an accident to stop in a safe spot and exchange information, this does not mean a driver will follow the law after an accident.

If a driver chooses to leave the scene of the accident, then accident becomes a “hit and run” incident. This is a serious crime in the state of Florida – and affects everyone involved.

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The Laws in Florida

If you have a license and drive in Florida, you are obligated to take specific actions if you are involved in a crash. These actions include:

  • Immediately stopping at the scene of the accident
  • Rendering any aid if possible
  • Exchanging information with the other accident party – including name, contact information, and insurance information

When a driver does not stop, it is often because they are breaking the law at the time of the hit and run accident – and they do not want to increase the punishments they will face.

From driving under the influence to driving without a license, there are a variety of reasons a driver will not stop at the accident scene. Unfortunately, this leaves the accident victims feeling as though they have no way to recover damages.

If the Driver is Found…

If the hit and run driver is found, you can legally hold them liable for your injuries and losses. You will need to prove their liability, which may include:

  • Proving that they were actually driving the vehicle.
  • That they had a reasonable duty of care and violated that reasonable duty; thus, leading to the accident.
  • That the accident caused injuries and losses.

All Florida drivers are required to exercise a reasonable duty of care when operating a vehicle. When they leave the scene of an accident, they may automatically be presumed as guilty and negligent.

If the Driver is Not Found…

Even if the hit and run driver is never found, you still have options for recovering your lost wages, medical bills, and other damages. Hit and run accident victims can recover damages and receive compensation from their insurance policy.

You should have under insured or uninsured motorist coverage, which typically covers a hit and run incident.

Because these types of cases are complex and insurance claims adjusters will try to pay out as little as possible, you need to hire a skilled hit and run accident attorney to file your claim. An attorney can:

  • Negotiate with insurance claims adjusters to ensure you get compensation – regardless of whether or not the guilty party is found.
  • Ensure insurance adjusters do not try to deny your claim because there is not a negligent driver being held accountable.
  • Calculate the amount of damages you will encounter – from future medical costs to loss of earning capacity – to ensure you get the maximum settlement possible.

A good attorney is one that will not charge you a fee for their hit and run services until they win your claim.

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