When is it the Right Time to File Bankruptcy in Florida?

Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney How To File Bankruptcy In Florida

Any challenging financial situation is worrisome and difficult to deal with. Making the decision to file for bankruptcy is even harder. It might feel like failure or giving up. But you aren’t alone.

In fact, there were over 22,000 new bankruptcy cases filed in Florida in 2015. Check out this site to read more about the bankruptcy facts in Florida.

How To File Bankruptcy In Florida

While these feelings are natural, filing for bankruptcy doesn’t have to be a negative situation. In fact, it can sometimes mean a fresh start or a clean slate.

And it also doesn’t mean you have to do it alone…

But by working with a Jacksonville bankruptcy attorney, you may have a real way out. Visit here to learn more about filing for bankruptcy in Florida. may give you a way out.

Don’t Get Buried By Bogus Programs

Filing for bankruptcy in Jacksonville can be even more complicated because there are many different programs and opportunities advertised to individuals in serious debt situations, promising to resolve the situation and eradicate financial woes. That being said, you should always take a critical eye to any program or opportunity that promises to immediately erase all of the challenges in your life.

Many individuals who ultimately do file bankruptcy are in far too deep to find any benefits associated with credit consolidation or credit counseling. Although it can be beneficial to go through these programs and make an effort, it can also be very difficult for you emotionally and financially if you are already feeling buried.

Bankruptcy Doesn’t Have to Be Scary…

You might be under the impression that bankruptcy is a scary proposition. There are several questions, however that you need to consider in determining whether it’s time to throw in the towel and file for bankruptcy in Florida.

There is no shame in filing for bankruptcy; instead, it actually represents an awareness of your financial situation and a desire to make things better.

Filing for bankruptcy is your chance to start over without dragging along the burden of past financial issues. If you were to ignore the problem and allow the debts to pile up, you could be doing more harm than good. That’s why you should consider bankruptcy if the situation has reached fever pitch.

Bankruptcy: A Fresh Start

Bankruptcy can help get you out of a situation when you are in over your head with debt. Bankruptcy gives you a fresh start and an ability to move on into the future effectively without feeling burdened by the stress of debt collectors constantly hounding you.

To help decide if you are ready for bankruptcy, try asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are bill collectors contacting you regularly?
  • Are you only able to make the smallest payments required on your credit cards?
  • Do you rely on credit cards in order to pay for basics like groceries?
  • Are you unable to pay any bills at all?
  • Do you have at least two accounts in default?
  • Are you uncertain about the total amount of money you owe in total?
  • Does the thought of trying to fix your financial situation make you feel overwhelmed?

If you responded yes to at least two of these questions, then bankruptcy is something you should consider when you have more in debt than you can realistically afford to manage.

Looking at the Big Picture

In order to determine whether you are in this situation, make a list of all of your liquid assets, including:

  • Stocks
  • Real estate
  • Retirement funds
  • Bonds
  • Vehicles
  • College savings accounts

Then total all of your credit statements and bills. This process might be overwhelming, because it involves confronting the reality of the debt. Even though it might be difficult, it’s a good exercise to do this because you’ll have a true picture of the depth of your issues.

If your total asset value falls way beneath the total debt amount, filing for bankruptcy may be the fresh start that you need to be able to get out of this difficult financial situation. Bear in mind that you should take bankruptcy quite seriously. Your next step should be to consult with an experienced Jacksonville bankruptcy attorney.

How a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help

There are many different factors to evaluate, and since you are likely feeling overwhelmed and confused about this situation, having the insight of a knowledgeable attorney can be extremely helpful.

A Jacksonville bankruptcy lawyer can educate you on the pros and cons to the different ways to How To File Bankruptcy In Florida, and even advise you on which one is best for your particular financial situation.

For example, if you have property you want to keep, then filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a better choice for you. Individuals facing bankruptcy are likely doing so because they have one or more of several problems including marital issues, hefty medical expenses, unemployment or seriously over-extended credit.

If you find yourself feeling totally overwhelmed and are struck with anxiety and fear on a regular basis as a result of your finances.

Read more about the How To File Bankruptcy In Florida here.

Put Your Best Foot Forward To How To File Bankruptcy In Florida with a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney

It is time to put your best foot forward for your future and consult with a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney. Although it is never easy to acknowledge that you are in over your head, filing for bankruptcy and consulting with a bankruptcy attorney in the Jacksonville area can help give you options for your future.

Do not hesitate to get help sooner rather than later. Bankruptcy may be the important first step you need for a better future.

Visit here to How To File Bankruptcy In Florida with a Jacksonville bankruptcy attorney today.

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