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Types of Brain Injuries

There are few different types of brain injuries, each with their own consequences and issues.

Some of the more common types of brain injuries include:

  • Open Head InjuryThis is when the skull is penetrated by an object and an injury occurs. The damage occurs in the area that was penetrated.
  • Closed Head Injury There is no penetration with this type of accident, and these are the most common types of head injuries seen in slip and fall accidents, pedestrian accidents, and motor vehicle accidents. The damage is in the point of contact and a lot of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are closed head injuries.
  • Deceleration InjuryThese injuries occur when the brain is moving in the direction of a person’s body and then meets a stationary object. Because the brain moves at a different speed than the skull, the brain can be damaged – such as in a car accident.
  • Chemical or Toxic DamageChemicals damage the brain’s neurons and can cause damage to the delicate brain tissues. Damaging chemicals and toxins include lead, carbon monoxide, etc.
  • Lack of Oxygen Also referred to as hypoxia, this type of injury can occur during different types of accidents and occurs when the brain doesn’t have enough air flow to supply it with blood. This can ultimately lead to death.
  • Infections While rare, brain infections can damage the nerves and delicate tissues. These infections can include meningitis, bacteria, etc.

Classes of Brain Injuries

Contact a traumatic brain injury lawyer today for legal representation. Brain injuries are not a one-size-fits-all situation. There are some types of injuries that are more severe than others and include both mild and severe TBIs.

A severe TBI often leads to devastating results, if not death. For some, they may have life-changing damage that results in permanent disability, inability to speak, or function actively is society.

Do I Have a Brain Injury Case?

Deciding if you have a case comes down to how you were injured. To determine if you have a case, it is best to speak with a Jacksonville personal injury attorney for a free case evaluation.

Some ways to tell if you have a valid claim include:

  • The type of accident that caused your injury – such as a car accident, slip and falls, etc.
  • The severity of your injury and trauma
  • If someone caused the injury and/or trauma
  • Whether or not you were hospitalized for your injury
  • If you need current and future care for your injury
  • How long your injury will take to recover
  • If you will have permanent disability because of that injury
  • If you lost wages
  • How the injury affects your livelihood and your family’s financial stability

Why You Need a Brain Injury Lawyer For Your Case

Brain injury cases require medical knowledge, access to experts, and experience litigating these types of cases.

A personal injury attorney can help you through the process. Do not rely on the insurance company to look out for your bests interests; they are more concerned with their bottom line. It is their job to:

  • Delay your claim – financially hurting you and hoping you will rush to a settlement out of desperation.
  • Deny that your injury or your loved one’s injury is valid.
  • Defend them and work through extended court battles while you suffer.

Brain Injury FAQ

There are two main types of brain injury: traumatic and acquired. Traumatic brain injuries occur when the brain has been damaged by some external force such as an accident or a blow to the head. Acquired brain injuries involve damage to the brain at the cellular level, which is often even more debilitating than a traumatic injury. Acquired brain injuries can occur as a result of anoxia or hypoxia. These conditions occur when there is insufficient blood flow to the brain or when the blood is not carrying enough oxygen.

The force involved in a traumatic brain injury,commonly referred to as a TBI, causes the brain to shift inside the skull damaging brain cells. It may also be a force that damages the skull, which in turn damages the brain. An acquired brain injury is caused by lack of oxygen or lack of blood flow to the brain.

Circumstances that can cause a traumatic brain injury may include:

  • Car or truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Direct blow to the head with a heavy instrument
  • Sports injuries
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Physical violence

Circumstances that can cause an acquired brain injury may include:

  • Vascular problems
  • Obstruction of airways
  • Strokes or heart attacks
  • Electric shock
  • Choking or strangulation
  • Near drowning
  • Toxic exposure
  • Infectious disease
  • Trauma which disrupts blood flow to the brain

Yes. The level of injury to the brain can vary. A mild injury may only affect the person for a temporary period of time. Symptoms may include confusion, memory problems, headaches, nausea, vomiting, depression and emotional problems. On the other hand, even mild brain injuries can last for many years and significantly disrupt a person’s life.

A moderate brain injury has longer lasting and often more pronounced symptoms. A complete and good recovery is possible in some of these cases. In many cases, however, full recovery never occurs and the injuries profoundly affect a person’s life.

A serious brain injury can lead to life-altering and debilitating results such as coma, vegetative state, minimally responsive state or death.

Am I entitled to compensation if I have suffered a brain injury? 
Depending on your specific circumstances, you may be entitled to compensation. It is important that you consult a qualified lawyer who specializes in brain injury cases. He or she will be able to determine if you have a case and what your best course of action would be.

This depends on the specific circumstances as well. It is important to get in touch with a brain injury lawyer who specializes in brain injury litigation.

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