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Jacksonville Military LawyerAt Hardesty, Tyde, Green & Ashton P.A., we devote a portion of our law practice to military matters. We help members of all branches of the armed forces with a wide range of legal concerns including the following areas:

  • Divorce
  • Family law
  • Criminal defense
  • Administrative law matters

Our lawyers don’t just practice military law, we are veterans ourselves. Two of our partners are decorated veterans who served overseas on numerous deployments. One of our attorneys is a former JAG officer and recipient of the Bronze Star.

We are former prosecutors with years of experience in the courtroom. Simply put, we know what it means to walk a mile in your boots. We’ve been there. All reasons why we have a reputation as Jacksonville’s go-to attorneys for military members and their families.

Military Divorce and Family Law

Military families make tremendous sacrifices. As a military parent, you know your job is tough on your kids. They make a lot of adjustments as duty calls you around the country and even around the world.

Understandably, you worry that divorce will take a hard toll on your family. We know how you feel, and we work very hard to make sure the transition you’re facing is as painless as possible. Because we have such deep knowledge of military matters, we try to make the process as seamless and smooth as possible.

Many law firms say they have experience in military divorces, but they lack the experience to back up these claims. For us, military divorce is a regular part of our practice. You can count on us to help you every step of the way.

Criminal Defense

As former prosecutors and JAG officers, we know exactly what is on the line in your criminal case. You have the right to legal counsel, whether you have been arrested, charged with a crime, or you are facing an investigation or a disciplinary action.

In some cases, fighting back against a reprimand or a personnel decision requires an experienced attorney in your corner. The military has inexhaustible resources at its disposal, and you should be entitled to the same.

You may feel like there is no chance you could win when the odds seem to be mounting against you. We are here to make sure your rights are protected, and you are not crushed by an unfair advantage. You still have important rights under the law – let us help you protect them.

Jacksonville Military Lawyers Who Fight for You

Regardless of the legal situation you face, you need a team of Jacksonville military lawyers who not only have experience in military law matters, but who were experienced members of the military themselves.

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