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Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of accidents in Florida. You could be in your vehicle waiting for the light or even on the freeway slowing down when suddenly another vehicle strikes you from behind.

Rear End CollisionWhile these are common, the injuries are anything but minor. Sometimes rear-end accidents can be so severe that a person suffers from their injuries for the rest of their lives.

What is a Rear-End Accident?

A rear-end collision is an auto accident where one car is struck from behind by another car. These types of collisions are very dangerous for both the driver striking the vehicle as well as the car being hit.

Drivers involved in rear-end accidents can suffer from a multitude of injuries and if the other vehicle was traveling at high speeds, the results can be deadly.

Who is At Fault in a Rear-End Accident?

It is usually said that the driver who strikes the other vehicle is the one at fault – but this is not always the case. While it is true the driver that strikes from behind is often following too close or even outright tailgating, there are other times the vehicle in front can be held “at fault” for the accident.

What the Most Causes of Rear End Collisions?

The causes of a rear-end accident will play a critical role in determining fault. Some of the more common causes include:

Determining Liability in Rear End Accidents

In a rear end collision accident case, you will have to determine the level of liability for each driver and determine who was legally at fault for the accident.

Our Team of Jacksonville rear end collision injury attorneys will gather evidence, including witness statements and police reports to help decide which driver caused the accident.

The courts will look at various factors as well – such as if one driver was speeding or the other was drinking. Some things they may consider when deciding who is at fault include:

  • If one of the drivers violated the law.
  • If there was a third party involved.
  • If there were eyewitnesses that can attest to which vehicle caused the accident.
  • The weather and driving conditions at the time of the accident.
  • The physical evidence and damage.
  • If alcohol or drugs were involved.

Injuries from a Rear-End Collision

Because one vehicle is usually at a stop or going significantly slower than the other at the time of impact, the lead car often suffers from more injuries.

Some of the common injuries seen in these types of accidents include:

  • WhiplashThis is one of the most common injuries seen with a rear-end collision. This involves a strain and tear of the ligaments, tendons, and muscles in the neck and can be extremely painful. Some accident victims do not even realize they have whiplash until a few days after the accident.
  • Concussion Depending on the severity of the impact, your head could make contact with another object, such as glass or even the steering wheel. Because of that impact, you may suffer from a concussion or other brain injury.
  • Spinal Cord Injury It does not take high speeds to damage the spinal cord. Even in low speeds, you could suffer from herniated discs, back pain, and other hyper extension injuries.
  • Lockjaw Whiplash has a propensity to also cause lockjaw issues for some accident victims. This is because of the unnecessary strain placed on the jaw.
  • Cuts and Lacerations If glass breaks, then the victim could suffer from cuts and lacerations as a result of the accident.
  • Broken Bones Broken bones are also common in rear end accidents, especially those that happen at high speeds.
  • Airbag Injuries Airbags may deploy depending on the speed. While airbags save lives, they come with their own set of injuries, including bruises, scars, and even a broken nose.

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