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For medical professionals to accurately diagnose a patient, they must perform specific tests. But, there are times physicians will order tests that are unnecessary just to increase billing potential – and put the patient through unnecessary pain and discomfort.

If you or a loved one was subjected to unnecessary testing – whether for financial gain or another reason – you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

The Effects of Unnecessary Testing

Jacksonville Malpractice AttorneyUnnecessary testing can be used to increase revenue, which means a physician is acting outside of the patient’s best interests – and well outside the standard level of care they are required to provide each patient.

Healthcare spending has increased substantially over the past few years, and the cost of these unnecessary tests can costs patients or their health insurance companies hundreds to thousands of dollars. But, it is not just the cost that can affect a patient who has undergone several unnecessary tests. Other issues include the patient’s overall safety.

Tests that are performed without necessity can put a patient’s life at risk. For example, multiple blood draws or even multiple blood transfusions can increase risk for infection. Unnecessary exposure to radioactive materials can be harmful and even requiring patients to undergo a colonoscopy can be life threatening.

Commonly Overordered Tests

Some tests tend to be over-ordered more than others. These tests not only cost more, but increase the clinic or hospital’s revenue. Some common tests that have been found to be ordered unnecessarily include:

  • X-rays
  • Heart screening tests
  • Ultrasounds
  • CT and MRI scans
  • Antibiotics
  • PAP tests
  • CT scans in children
  • Blood tests
  • Imaging tests for headaches
  • Colonoscopies and endoscopies for general gastric discomfort
  • Antibiotics for non-infections

While these tests are necessary in certain situations, there are physicians who will order these tests without any necessary reasoning.

Why are Tests and Procedures Performed if They Are Not Necessary?

There are a variety of reasons a test or procedure may be ordered unnecessarily. Sadly, due to fears of unnecessary lawsuits, physicians will order more tests to rule out any potential missing illnesses to avoid being sued for a misdiagnosis.

Other reasons physicians may order tests that are unnecessary include:

  • Negligence
  • Fraud
  • Misreading test results
  • Mistaken diagnosis
  • Monetary gain

Patients are the victims of these unnecessary tests. They can experience pain, emotional trauma, and even significant financial losses for these tests that were not necessary.

Were You the Victim of Unnecessary Testing? Contact a Medical Malpractice Attorney Right Away

If you or a loved one was subjected to numerous tests or procedures that weren’t necessary for diagnosis, then you need a Medical Malpractice Attorney to assess your case. The Malpractice Attorneys at Hardesty, Tyde, Green & Ashton, P.A. offer free case evaluations.

To prove our case, we will enlist the help of other medical professionals to prove that the doctor acted negligently and that other doctors would not order the same tests to come to the diagnosis.

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