Types of Truck Accidents

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Accidents with semi-trucks can be devastating. Because of their size and weight, a truck can easily destroy a vehicle even at low speeds.
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The Common Types of Truck Accidents

Most truck accidents can be prevented. They are caused by negligence, improper maintenance or the inability for a driver to control their semi-truck.

The type of accident that can be encountered depends on a variety of factors, but all of them come with devastating and costly results.

The types of truck accidents that can occur include:

  • Roll-over Accidents – This is when a semi-truck flips onto its side. This often happens when a driver is speeding and takes a curve or turn too fast. Other times it can be when a semi-truck swerves to miss an object and over corrects.
  • Jack-knife Accidents – These happen for a variety of reasons, whether it is speeding, brake malfunction or even poor weather. The driver will have no control over the truck in these types of accidents.
  • Underrides – This is when a vehicle accidentally drives underneath the trailer of a truck. Sometimes the driver may not even be aware a vehicle has become lodged underneath. In this type of accident, there are usually fatalities from the driver that is stuck underneath the trailer.
  • Rear-end Accidents – A semi-truck can rear end a vehicle and cause fatal results. Because they are heavy and require much more distance to come to a complete stop, a driver can easily misjudge how much space they have.Also, if the car in front slams on their brakes too suddenly or cuts the truck off, they may not have time to respond before hitting the rear of the vehicle.
  • Motorcycles – Trucks do not just collide with cars; they can collide with pedestrians and even motorcycles. These accidents typically result in a fatality and can be extremely devastating.
  • Driving Under the Influence – Whether it is drugs or alcohol, there are an increasing number of truck accidents that involve DUIs.
  • Road Hazards – From work zones to road construction, there are a lot of hazards on the road. These hazards can cause a truck to lose control; especially if the driver does not know how to maneuver through these hazards properly.
  • Brake and Product Failures – There are a lot of components to a semi-truck, but one of the most important is their brakes. When brakes are not maintained or have a defect, they could lead to the inability to stop and cause fatalities for other drivers on the road.
  • Blind spot Accidents – This happens when a driver does not look for vehicles in their blind spot or a car gets into the blind spot of a semi-truck. These “no zone” areas are on the rear and sides of a truck.
  • Wide Turn Accidents – Semi-trucks must take wide right-hand turns. While they are moving outward, a car can squeeze in between the truck and the curb, which forces the semi-truck to accidentally crush the vehicle.This can occur because of the car’s negligence or the driver’s failure to look out for cars before making a wide turn.

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