What You Need to Know about Family Law in Florida

Jacksonville family law attorneyFamily law is an emotionally charged area of the law. This is partially because most aspects of family law involve children. Working with an experienced Jacksonville Family Law Attorney means getting someone on your side who can deal with some of the complicated emotions that tag along with your legal case.

What Do Family Law Proceedings in Florida Look Like?

Most people just think of divorce when the legal area of family law comes to mind. However, the area of family law is much more involved.

Family law can also involve:

As you can see, many of these areas involve children in some way, which by nature makes the proceedings more complicated than many other areas of the law.

Find out more about how a Jacksonville family law attorney can help with some of these other crucial areas of family law.

Interplay Between State Law and Federal Requirements

Each state has slightly different family-related laws. Then, the federal government also has minimum guidelines that must be followed. For example, in the area of child support or child maintenance, the state of Florida has child support guideline tables, just like every other state.

Florida Child Support Guildline Table

Read more about the Florida child support guidelines.

However, there are also federal laws that affect the enforcement of state child support orders. In particularly, the federal government will step in if there are child support orders that go beyond one state or where a parent is significantly in arrears with child support payments.

Learn more more about the federal government’s involvement in child support matters here.

Effect on Other Areas of the Law

Family law and other areas of the law are frequently intertwined as well. If you have a child support arrearage and you have a workers’ compensation claim, for example, then the child support collection agency may be able to take all or a portion of your workers’ compensation settlement for child support. The same may apply to other types of settlements as well.

Bankruptcy and family law issues are occasionally wrapped up together as well. Bankruptcy and divorce at relatively the same time are especially common.

Commonly Used Area of the Law

Family law touches people’s lives in various ways and for different reasons. No two family law situations are alike. However, because of all of the various laws at both the state and federal level, and because family law often deals with other areas of the law, it can be extremely complicated. It is only rarely a good idea to “go it alone” in a family law case.

In most situations, you need an experienced Jacksonville family lawyer who can show you the ropes. What you have on the line in a family law case—custody of your children, your finances for the foreseeable future, or your marriage—is far too important to risk because you wanted to save a few bucks.

You Aren’t Alone with a Jacksonville Family Law Attorney

Family law is complicated. Reach out to the Jacksonville family law attorneys, and we can help deal with the most confusing aspects of your family law case.

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